4 Questions To Ask When Considering An Armed Security Service

26 December 2018
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If you own a business and your security needs have recently changed, it might be time to consider armed services. Unarmed security personnel provides protection for basic needs. However, when you have an increased security risk, you need armed guards. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself before you hire armed security guards for your business. What Are Your Long-Term Needs? When it comes to hiring armed guards, it's important that you consider your long-term security needs. Read More 

Duties For A Security Guard At A Museum

17 June 2018
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Most people see museums as places at which they can learn, but there are others who see such locations as potential targets. Unfortunately for those who have unscrupulous reasons for visiting museums, many museums have security officers on staff whose mandate is to protect the exhibits and those enjoying them. If you're a security guard who is interested in finding a new place to work, there may be job openings at museums in your community. Read More 

Things To Watch For During A Wintertime Security Patrol Shift

14 April 2018
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Any experienced security guard will tell you that different reasons present not only different challenges, but also different opportunities when you're on patrol. Being on an outdoor patrol during the wintertime might initially seem like a less-than-desirable post — you may be cold and wet at various points, and long to get inside and warm up. Fortunately, a heightened degree of attentiveness during a wintertime security patrol shift can reveal signs of suspicious activities — which may be the difference in you apprehending a suspect. Read More 

Benefits Of Having Undercover Security Officers At Concerts

4 March 2018
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It's common for concert promoters to hire security companies to overlook their events, which means that if you're a manager at a security firm, you'll likely find yourself in charge of coming up with a plan to keep such events safe. Uniformed security personnel at the gates will prevent people from entering with contraband, while officers on patrol throughout the venue can identify issues and deal with them promptly. You should also have plans for having some security officers undercover. Read More